This is very exiting news for any of you who wants to have a different sip of coffee in Burger King!! The restaurant will start serving Lattes in March soon! All customers can enjoy start a new adventure of coffee in the store, and the new menu would be very similar to McCafe menu in McDonald's.

2013-02-12-BK Smooth Roast Coffee

Switching from BK Joe Brand to Seattle's Best, the Starbucks subsidiary, Burger King has been improving the categories of its coffee menu. Currently the company decided to include a 100% Latin American arabica-bean blend custom ground in its coffee menu. Beside the new added lattes, customers can also get brewed coffee and iced coffee like anywhere. 

According to the spokesperson of the company, by mid-March, 8400 U.S. stores will install specialty coffee machines to serve the espresso-based latte to its customers. None of the information of coffee machine selections have been released, but the spokesperson confirmed that the coffee equipments were definitely not bought from Nestle Professional, regardless that the company made a deal last year with  Nestle in Latin America.

At the same time, many other retailers also try to adjust their menus and develop new business strategies on their coffees. McDonald's started selling whole-bean coffee in some selected restaurants in Canada; Wendy would most likely keep its Red Rosters coffee platform as a part of the breakfast package although its breakfast rollout is still on hold; Denny's is the most recently restaurant upgrading and branding its coffee program and unveiling its new Diner Roast coffee platform. 

Let's look forward to seeing which restaurant will be the next one in line to provide a different taste of coffee!

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