First copy these questions into your user page here on Internal, then search around all of Wikia to find the answers (make sure you type them up on your user page). Don't worry if you're not sure where to look, ask someone from the team to help you.

How many active editors are there on Twilight? 7736

What are the 5 most linked to categories on Criminal Minds?

Season Nine Nicholas BrendonPatrick MeyersThe InspiredTo Bear Witness

How many charms are on the Harry Potter Wiki?


Find a link in Community to the Help page Getting Started.

Find 5 admins on Naruto and Bleach

John 10 John5d'sJonas 5D'sJonathan ordunaLight Knight X

How many blog entries are there on the main page of FlashForward? 3  How many total comments? 1

Edit your user masthead

Create a user page template

Add your user page template to your user page on your fav. shows wiki

Find the number of orphan pages on Glee Wiki? 1000

Find the number of dead end pages on True Blood Wiki 1000

Vote on a top ten list on

What is the size of each image on the slider of the main page of Bacon wiki?

(576 × 432 pixels, file size: 30 KB

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